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If you need to get in touch, or would simply like to know a little about our history, then you can find both our contact details and a brief history of SOS Software below.

Contact details

If you need to contact us because of an issue with running any of our games, please use the support email address below.  Before contacting please read the support information at the bottom of each of the main game index pages, as a solution may be there.  For any other queries or general emails please use the general email address.


FacebookDon't forget, we also have a Facebook page where you can find the latest news or share any of your comments or feedback.

A brief history

Although SOS Software's first release was the original Rockfall for the Atari ST home computer, the main man, Jason Brasier, has been programming since 1983 with his first published title being Hiss for the Acorn Electron in 1988. So you could say that we have been around for a while.

HissGames and utilities were written for the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro computers between 1983 and 1990.  During this time Hiss was the only release, albeit a simple type-in listing that appeared in the Electron User magazine, in March 1988.

In 1990 we started to develop titles for the Atari ST home computer.  Again several unpublished games and utilities were written, including versions of Othello and a remake of Hiss, called AlphaSnake.

RockfallSOS Software was established in 1992 with the release of the very first Rockfall game, which was published on the cover disk of Atari ST User.  Shareware versions of the game quickly followed with a Special Edition version of the original, and a whole new sequel in the form of The Perils of Spud.  A third game was also written, but didn't make it to release at the time (although now available on this site).

Rockfall - The ReturnWe had a bit of a break from 1995, but in 2001 we got our hands on our first PC, which was shortly followed by the means to produce games for a new market.  Because we had an unfinished Rockfall game on the Atari ST we decided to revisit this and produce a PC version of the game as our first release on the PC.  Rockfall - The Return was finally released in August 2003 via our own website and various online download sites.

OthelloRockfall - The Return was followed by a further two freeware titles in the form of Attack of The Smilies (a Space Invaders game), and a 3D version of Othello (also known as Reversi).

WormNot content with just the PC market we also acquired our first Apple Mac at the end of 2005, and now simultaneously develop for the PC and Apple Mac.  Our first multi-platform releases include Worm (an up to date version of a game we wrote for the BBC/Electron), and Max Invaders DX.

Rockfall DXNot wanting our fellow Mac gamers to be without the adventures of Spud, an all new Rockfall game was released in 2012.  Called Rockfall DX (Deluxe Edition) this is a complete re-write of the series with 80 brand new, and never before seen, levels.  The DX version also comes with 162 levels that have been imported from previous games in the series.

Releases have been somewhat slow as of late, but rest assured, as we head into 2015 we are currently working on a new engine suitable for the multitude of PC and Apple Mac configurations out there.  This will make the development process simpler and quicker, so keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page.

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