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Games for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron

Here you will find all of the games that we released for the Acorn Electron, but also work on the BBC Micro.  As there is no easy way of transferring these files to the original machines, it has been assumed you will be running these in an emulator on your PC.  All of the below have been tested in BeebEm, which is highly recommended.  Further information can be found in the Support section on this page.

Game listing

Hiss Free
HissHiss was SOS Software's first success, albeit before we had a name for ourselves.  This game puts an educational twist on the classic Snake formula, by guiding a snake to collect the letters of a word shown at the start of each round.  It's primarily to teach children how to spell, but can be fun for adults to play as well. More details

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Space Wars Free
Space WarsA Space Invaders clone, Space Wars is our own take on this classic game, only these aliens drop homing bombs and that mothership has one deadly laser! More details

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Space Duel Free
Space DuelWe all like to pit our wits in a duel to the death from time to time (virtually, of course), so here's one where the chosen battlefield is an asteroid belt.  Try and outsmart your opponent while looking out for stray asteroids that can end the matter somewhat abruptly. More details

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Race Free
RaceRace is as simple as a racing game can get.  No accelerator control here, it's foot all the way down until one of you crosses the finishing line and wins. More details

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Pontoon Free
PontoonA simple card game, much akin to Black Jack, Pontoon has you playing against the computer in an effort to beat their hand without going over 21.  The goal is simple, relinquish the bank of all its money. More details

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Othello Free
OthelloOthello, or Reversi as it's sometimes known, is the classic board game for two players, where each tries to capture more counters than their opponent.  Play against the computer or another player. More details

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Number Snake Free
Number SnakeAnother variation on the Snake theme.  Here you guide your snake to collect numbers as they count down.  The quicker you get there, the higher the score, and the longer your snake gets. More details

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Further information and support


All of the software has been tested on a BBC Micro emulator, specifically BeebEm.  All of the downloads come in the form of a ZIP that has a SSD (Single Sided Disk) image file for use within a BBC Micro emulator.


To install the disk image (SSD) you will first need to extract it from the ZIP.  You then need to save this image into the relevant location for your emulator - BeebEm has a folder for disk images in the same folder the program is installed.

Running the game

Before running the game, ensure that the emulator is running in BBC Model B mode.  Mount the virtual disk as per the instructions for your emulator (in BeebEm go to File > Load Disk 0).  Type "*CAT" or "*." at the ">" prompt to view the contents of the disk.  Run the program by entering "CHAIN" and the filename of the game you want to run inside double quotation marks.  If more than one file is present, check the page for the game here for the correct file to run (as it's likely a multi-part loader).

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