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Hiss puts an educational spin on the age-old classic of Snake.

Hiss takes the classic snake game and turns it into an educational game for the young, which teaches children how to spell.  Quite simply, instead of having the snake collect fruit or other tasty objects, you have to guide it around the playing field collecting letters of a word in the correct order.

Bonuses are available in the form of eating worms, which stupidly pop up out of the ground from time to time, and by also completing the words in as short a time as possible.

The game can also be great fun for the older person, as the five speed settings allow it to be a challenge to anyone.

There are five word sets (levels) built into the program, but there is also a dictionary editor that allows you to amend the words as necessary so that they are suitable for the intended player(s).

The program is supplied in SSD (single-sided disk) format, so that it can be easily imported into your favourite BBC Model B emulator (other Acorn emulators may also work, but are untested).


Download and purchase links
Download in SSD format 6 KB Download

System requirements
  Operating system BBC BASIC  
  Memory 32 KB  

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