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Games for the Atari ST

Here you will find a list of all the games we released for the Atari ST.  You will be able to play these on an actual Atari ST by transferring the files to a floppy (remember those?), or within an emulator (we highly recommend STEem).

Downloads are available in two versions; a ZIP containing the individual files, or a ZIP that has the .ST disk image format.  The download button in the listing is for the former.  To obtain the disk image you will need to visit the main game pages.  Further information is shown in the Support section after the main listing.

Game listing

Rockfall 3 - Rock Hard Free
Rockfall 3Featuring scrolling levels for the first time, Rockfall 3 was never actually released as the level set was incomplete.  It has now been made available with the 30 levels that were designed at the time.  The ideas and additional features and challenges were carried forward to Rockfall - The Return and Rockfall DX on the PC and Mac. More details

Download files

Rockfall 2 - The Perils of Spud Free
Rockfall 2The first true sequel to the original Rockfall that first appeared on the cover disk of Atari ST User, the game was re-written from the ground up with a totally new graphics and sound engine.  The same premise remains, which is to collect the gems and dispense with any creatures before time runs out, but this time transporters have been added to the mix. More details

Download files

Rockfall - Special Edition Free
Rockfall SEFollowing the release of the original game, a few people loved the game, but had a gripe with not being able to begin a new game on the level they died on.  The Special Edition was therefore released to address this, along with some enhanced graphics and level tweaks. More details

Download files

Rockfall Free
Rockfall SEBeing a fan of Repton on the Acorn Electron, it was disappointing not to find something like it for the Atari ST.  Boulderdash played too differently, so we went about writing our own version of the game.  Rockfall and its lead, Spud, were born. More details

Download files

Pontoon Free
PontoonA simple card game, much akin to Black Jack, Pontoon has you playing against the computer in an effort to beat their hand without going over 21.  The goal is simple, relinquish the bank of all its money.

Note: GFA BASIC 3 required
More details

Download files

Alpha Snake Free
Alpha SnakeEssentially a remake of the Hiss game first released for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron, Alpha Snake is an educational Snake game that teaches children how to spell.  It's also great fun for adults to play.

Note: GFA BASIC 2 required
More details

Download files

Othello Free
OthelloOthello, or Reversi as it's sometimes known, is the classic board game for two players, where each tries to capture more counters than their opponent.  Play against the computer or another player.

Note: GFA BASIC 2 required
More details

Download files

Further information and support

Please read the following information for instructions on how to play the above games in an Atari ST emulator or on the actual computer.


As indicated by some of the games above, in addition to having the means to run Atari ST games and other software, you will also need a copy of GFA BASIC 2 or 3, depending on the title.  For legal reasons, we cannot provide this software, so you will need to own a copy yourself.  This prerequisite does not apply to any of the Rockfall games, however.

Which download?

The downloads come in two types and you will need to check which one your emulator supports.

The download links above link to a ZIP that contains the actual files.  These can then be unzipped on your PC for dropping into an emulated drive folder or converted into a format your emulator will need.  This version will also allow you to transfer the files to a properly formatted floppy disk for use in an actual Atari ST.

The second format (available on the game pages) is a ZIP containing a disk image in .ST format.  Most popular ST emulators should be able to use this type of file (including STEem, as recommended).

Installation - Atari ST emulator

Please check the documentation for your ST emulator for instructions on installing or running software.  Check which format is best suited before downloading and then follow the instructions as required.  Typically, you will either be able to create a folder on your hard drive to act as the ST's hard drive, allowing you to copy the original files into it, or you may have to use a disk image (if not the .ST format provided here, you may have to download the files and convert into the correct format before use).

Installation - Atari ST

The first thing you will need before transferring files to your Atari ST is a floppy disk that can both be read and written to by both your PC and the Atari ST.  PC floppy disks are now of the HD standard with a capacity of 1.44MB, but the Atari ST had a maximum standard of DD or 720KB.  The ST is also not as fussy about the disks as the PC is, and earlier versions of GEM formatted disks that could not be read by a PC.

You will still need to format the disk on an Atari ST, as Windows no longer provides the option to format disks in DD format.  If you have an earlier version of GEM on your ST you may need to use a desktop replacement (such as NeoDesk) or a third party disk formatting tool to format the disk.  Format the disk as double-sided DD (Double Density), to 80 tracks and 9 sectors per track and ensure that any PC compatibility options are selected.  Test the finished disk by copying a file onto it and checking on your PC to see if it can read it.

Once you know the disk is working, unzip or copy the files to the new disk and use it in the Atari ST, where you can either run directly off the disk or copy to a hard drive if you have one.

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