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Keeping it retro

SOS Software has been producing games since the days of the humble BBC Micro and Acorn Electron, through the days of the Atari ST, and into the era of the PC and Mac.

You will find every game through each and every one of those platforms right here.  So if you have the means to play BBC/Electron and Atari ST games you will be able to experience that true retro feeling.  If not, then there's plenty here to entertain on the PC and Mac.

Latest news

Rockfall DX and Rockfall - The Return are now FREE 18th May 2022

We are proud to announce that Rockfall DX and Rockfall - The Return are now both free to download and enjoy.

Please note that there remains issues with Windows 10 and 11.  Please review the compatibility news stories below for further information.

Windows 11 compatibility 21st January 2022
Having recently upgraded to Windows 11, a quick test has revealed that there are issues with our games.  For most, it's the same caveats as Windows 10 in that installers and the main application need to be run in compatibility mode (either Windows 7 or Windows XP). Please visit the Support page for more info.

However, for Rockfall DX there is a large issue in that I currently cannot get the game to run at all.  On start-up it locks to a blank screen and the only way out is to sign out. This will be investigated in due course, but the tools and the source code will need to be dug out of an old drive, as they are not present on my current laptop. Please bear with me while I see if I can solve the issue.

Windows 10 compatibility 4th January 2020
Wow, six years since the last update!  You're probably thinking we're no longer here.  We are, but sadly, due to circumstances I won't go into right now, are no longer developing any new games ... at least for the foreseeable future.  We are still here for support purposes, which brings me to the following.

It has come to my attention that our games have problems installing under Windows 10.  The latest version the games were tested in was Windows 7, as this was the version of Windows that was out and until recently did not have a Windows 10 system to test.  The good news is that they will run, but may need some coaxing to do so.  Please visit the Support section of the PC/Mac games section for details (at the bottom of the page).

New games in the works 24th October 2014
FacebookAs you're no doubt aware, it's been a little quiet on the SOS Software front as of late.  In fact, it's been over two years since our last release, Rockfall DX.  We would like to announce that we are putting a framework together that will form the basis of all our future titles, and with that, are proud to announce that we not only have one game in development, but a second well into it's planning phase as well.  For further details and more regular updates, don't forget to visit our Facebook page.

New SOS Software site launched 4th October 2014
It's been a long time since we gave the site a bit of a spruce up, but we have finally given the site a long overdue face-lift and come up with something that's a bit more grown up and modern looking.  To celebrate the new look, we have also had a bit of a price drop on our flag-ship title for PC and Mac, see below.

Rockfall DXAs mentioned in the above story, in order to celebrate the introduction of our brand spanking new site, we have decided to drop the price of Rockfall DX to the new great price of just US$3.95, which represents a reduction of 50%.

Rockfall DX is the latest and greatest of our Rockfall series available now for PC and Apple Mac.  Follow this link for more information about the game.
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