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WormRockfall - The Return


If you want puzzle based action, all mixed into a classic gem grabbing, monster bashing, boulder avoiding romp ... then you'll find it here!

Rockfall puts you into the boots of our little treasure seeking fellow who goes by the name of Spud.  His goal in life is to collect as many gems as possible in order to secure himself with a nice little retirement fund for himself and his family.

On his quest he has to tunnel underground and collect all of the gems he can find.  The only problem is that he is hindered by the ever present risk of falling boulders, various nasties and other hazards ... which are all hell bent on him not making it to his retirement.

Some of the features...

  • 71 levels of brain-taxing puzzles (with 100's more available for free, below)
  • Monsters that hatch from fallen eggs and must be dispensed with
  • Pulsators that need to be trapped in cages to reveal the gems they carry
  • Gloop that slowly grows and consumes the level
  • Deadly skulls that will kill Spud on contact
  • Transporters that will teleport Spud to another part of the level
  • Safes and keys
  • Bonus letters to boost your score
  • oors that only open for short periods of time


  • Stunning graphics that have been optimised for 24/32 bit graphics cards (16 bit compatible)
  • Original game music and sound effects to add to the atmosphere
  • Built-in level editor for designing your own levels (submissions for the download section gratefully accepted)

Have you got what it takes to see Spud through the adventure and enjoy his treasure?

Additional levels

In addition to the levels that come with the game, there are also other level sets that can be downloaded that have been adapted from earlier versions of Rockfall.  To install these, simply download and extract them to the Levels folder of your installation.


Download and purchase links
Download Rockfall - The Return 15.31 MB Download
50 levels from Rockfall - Special Edition 157 KB Download
  45 levels from Rockfall 2 - The Perils of Spud 148 KB Download
  30 levels from Rockfall 3 97 KB Download
  21 levels by Liz Mayhew (Extras) 69 KB Download
  50 levels by C D Harrie (Harris) 160 KB Download
  22 levels by R Encill (Tanglers) 70 KB Download
  High resolution CD case artwork 2.19 MB Download

System requirements
  Operating system Windows 98 or later  
  Processor 500 Mhz  
  Memory 256 MB (XP) / 1 GB (later)  
  Graphics card 3D with 32 MB VRAM  
  Graphics API Direct X 7 or later  

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