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Games for PC and Apple Mac

All the games on this page are available for PC, while the later titles are also available for the Apple Mac.

Please note that PC games require Windows XP or later, while Mac titles need OS X 10.4 or later.  More specific system requirements are listed on each game's main page.  Further information is shown in the Support section below the main listing.

Game listing

Rockfall DX (Deluxe Edition) Free

Rockfall DXRockfall DX is the definitive version of this series of games that started life back in the days of the Atari ST.  Guide our hero, Spud, around many cavernous levels collecting all the riches to be found.  This task is not made easy with the many hazards and unworldly creatures that can be found roaming within. More details

Worm Free

WormSince almost the dawn of time, everyone has played one of the many versions of the popular Snake game ... and then played it again and again.  Worm is our own take on this genre.  Guide our ever-growing worm around the lawn collecting numbered blocks before they disappear.  There is just one goal... beat your last high score! More details

Max Invaders DX Free

Max Invaders DXAn enhanced version of our previous Max Invaders game, featuring brand new power-ups, but retaining all of the pace of the original.  Space Invaders at its most frenetic. More details

Othello Free
OthelloAlso known as Reversi, Othello is our own version of the popular board game that just takes minutes to learn, but years to master ... as the old tag-line goes!  Outwit another player or the computer by capturing as many of your opponent's counters as possible before the board fills.  The player with the most wins. More details

Attack of The Smilies Free
Attack of The SmiliesIt may be called Attack of The Smilies, but the hordes of those emoticons heading your way are not smiling!  Turning those frowns upside-down is not an option, so wiping them out it is then!  They come thick and fast so it's a good job you have those lovely power-ups to help you out. More details

Rockfall - The Return Free
Rockfall - The ReturnAfter several ventures on the Atari ST, Spud returns on the PC for the first time in a brand new adventure.  Featuring much larger levels and more challenges to overcome, this is the place to go for an arcade puzzler to test your brain cells. More details

Max Invaders Free

Max InvadersThis is Space Invaders as simple as it gets.  No power-ups this time, just you and a horde of invaders heading your way.  It's fast, furious and relentless.  How long can you last? More details

Further information and support

Minimum specifications are listed on each of the games main pages as a guide.  We cannot guarantee performance if your computer does not meet these requirements, but as most of the titles are free you can still try them.  But please try a demo version before making a purchase of a non-free title.

For those games that support a gamepad, please ensure that it is plugged in before running the game, otherwise it will not be detected and you won't be able to use it until you restart the game.

PC (Windows) information

All of our games have been tested on Windows XP, Vista and 7, so should work without any issue.  For those running Windows XP, please note that you should have DirectX 7 or later (Vista and later already have a later version installed).  You can check this by going to Start > Run... and typing "dxdiag".  The version of DirectX will be displayed at the bottom of the first page of information.  The latest version can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site (search for "directx 9" and a link for this will be under the Downloads heading, probably "DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime").

Please note that some anti-virus software reports our installers as containing malware.  This is a false report and can be safely ignored (we have scanned all of our installers before upload to ensure they are safe).

Additional information for Windows 10

If you experience any problems getting the games to run under Windows 10, you may have to run the installer as administrator and under a relevant compatibility mode.

First, set the compatibility mode for the installer itself by right-clicking on the application, going to Properties and the Compatibility tab.  Check the box to run in compatibility mode and select Windows 7 (you will need Windows XP Service Pack 3 for Attack of The Smilies, Othello and Rockfall - The Return).

Then run the installer as administrator, which can be found by right-clicking on the application and selecting this option.

Once installed you can try running the game.  If this fails you will also need to set the same compatibility option as you did for the installer.  You will need to find the main game application and follow the above steps.  By default, the games are installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\SOS Software.

Should you have any difficulties please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Mac (OS X) information

All games available for the Mac have been tested on OS X 10.4 (Tiger) up to 10.7 (Lion).  There are versions available for PowerPC and Intel based Macs, so please download the correct version for your Mac (10.7 or later are Intel only).  There may also be a Universal version that will work on both types of Mac.

All Mac software comes in a compressed disk image format (DMG).  Once downloaded, double-click on the file to mount it as a disk.  Open the disk and drag the game's folder to your Applications folder to install the game.  You can then unmount ("eject") the DMG.

Inside the game folder there will be the executable for the game, as well as a "read me" or "instructions" file containing details on how to play the game.

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