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Worm is our own take on the classic Snake formula.  All you have to do is guide your worm around the lawn and collect the numbered bricks as quickly as possible.  If you don't make it, then we're afraid it's Game Over!

The quicker you collect them, the more points they are worth.  As is tradition, with each brick you collect, the longer your worm becomes and the tougher the game becomes.

Worm is the classic game brought up to date with full colour graphics and a great musical score. 


Download and purchase links
Full game for Windows XP and later 3.85 MB Download
Full game for both Intel and PowerPC Apple Macs (universal binary) 6.65 MB Download
  Full game for Intel based Apple Macs 3.44 MB Download
  Full game for PowerPC based Apple Macs 3.32 MB Download
Full game for x86 based distros of Linux (TAR GZ) 3.18 MB Download

System requirements  
Operating system Windows XP or later OS X 10.3 or later x86 distro
Processor 500 Mhz 500 Mhz (Intel or PPC) 500 Mhz (Intel or AMD)
Memory 256 MB (XP) / 1 GB (later) 256 MB 256 MB
Graphics card 3D with 32 MB VRAM 3D with 32 MB VRAM 3D with 32 MB VRAM
Graphics API Direct X 7 or later, OpenGL OpenGL OpenGL

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