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WormAttack of The Smilies


Attack of The Smilies is a fast paced version of the age old classic game of Space Invaders.  Where this game is different is that instead of shooting green aliens you are attacking smilies that start as grinning and menacing invaders, but soon change their expression as their attack wave is destroyed.

To aid you in your destruction you can collect power-ups that are dropped by shooting the mothership as it does a fly-by.  Those available are:

  • Rapid fire
  • Double shot
  • Triple shot

As well as power-ups that upgrade your fire power, you can also collect a shield to protect you from the attacking minion.

Attack of The Smilies is simple, fun and totally addictive. It's the ideal game for the whole family to enjoy. 


Download and purchase links
Full game for Windows 98 and later 1.48 MB Download

System requirements
  Operating system Windows 98 or later  
  Processor 300 Mhz  
  Memory 256 MB (XP) / 1 GB (later)  
  Graphics card 3D with 32 MB VRAM  
  Graphics API Direct X 7 or later  

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