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Well, I don't know, there was Spud taking a leisurely stroll through the woods one day, when he happens to fall into a big hole in the ground.  After dusting down and getting ready to climb out he notices a glint in the corner of his eyes, which was obviously something catching the sun from outside.

Being a curious fellow, he wanders over to investigate.  After a bit of digging and clearing of earth, he soon discovers that what he now holds in his hands is a diamond!  Not only that, but the hole in the ground was actually something much larger ... a cavern, full of these diamonds.  Well, after such a turn of fortune he could hardly go back home just now, could he?!

It's now up to you to help him negotiate each cavern in order to collect all of the diamonds in each before the timer reaches zero.

Of course, things are never that simple, as Spud needs to watch where he digs otherwise he could find boulders falling on him from high.  If that wasn't enough he also has to contend with Monsters and Pulsators that have been lurking around for some time.

To enjoy this game, please select the type of download best suited to your set up and/or emulator. 


Download and purchase links
  Download disk image in .ST format 18 KB Download
  Download files 17 KB Download

System requirements
  Operating system Atari ST TOS  
  Memory 512 KB  
  Other Joystick  

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