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WormRockfall 2 - Perils of Spud


After accidentally falling into a big hole in the ground and discovering a wealth of diamonds in his previous adventure, Spud couldn't help but think there may be other undiscovered treasures just waiting to be discovered.  After strolling for a few days, past the caverns he'd already stripped bare, he came across a cave in the side of a cliff.  As always, his curiousity got the better of him, so off he went into the blackness of the cave.

A few hours passed when he came across something.  Not diamonds or any other kind of riches he was hoping for, but a strange box that appeared to be wedged in the cave wall.  He touched it with his hand and was quite surprised when his hand went through this strange box.  Not one to turn back empty handed, he closed his eyes and walked through.

Still with his eyes closed, he could feel a strange tickling sensation all over his body, but kept his eyes shut until the sensation went away.  When he opened his eyes he couldn't believe what he saw.  There he was stood in what appeared to be a cavern, but it looked like a lot of the walls had been hand-built.  Although he should have probably been more than a little worried, he soon forgot about how he got here and who had built this place when he saw the diamonds littered all over the place.  "A bit messy, could do with a tidy up", he thought to himself, so off he went on another diamond grabbing adventure.

Rockfall 2 is the first true sequel to the popular Rockfall game that first appeared on the cover disk of Atari ST User.  This time the game has been completely re-written from scratch with a totally new graphics and sound engine.  Changes haven't just been cosmetic though...

The formula remains the same as it did previously - finish each level in the alotted time, making sure that you collect all diamonds, dispense with all monsters and get out.  This time, however, Spud has transporters to worry about.  In order to finish a level, he must use all transporters within the level.

As well as game tweaks, there is now a proper password system to allow play to begin on any level that has been reached, plus there is now a built-in level editor to create your own masterpieces.

To enjoy this game, please select the download that is suited to your set up and/or emulator.  These downloads include all of the user created level sets as well.


Download and purchase links
  Download disk image in .ST format 206 KB Download
  Download files 202 KB Download

System requirements
  Operating system Atari ST TOS  
  Memory 512 KB  
  Other Joystick  

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