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Pontoon is a card game, similar to Black Jack, where you play against a dealer/banker.  The aim is to beat the banker's hand by scoring no more than 21, using no more than 5 cards.

Of course, there's the special hands like Pontoon, which is 21 using just two cards, that beat any other hand (unless the banker has Pontoon as well), and a five card trick, which beats everything except Pontoon.

The aim of this game is simple... bust the bank.

Note that the download only contains the source files and is not supplied in an executable form. You will therefore need a copy of GFA BASIC 3 to run the game.


Download and purchase links
  Download GFA BASIC 2 source code 9 KB Download

System requirements
  Operating system Atari ST TOS  
  Memory 512 KB  
  Other GFA BASIC 3  

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