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WormRockfall 3 - Rock Hard


Rockfall 3 is the continuation of the classic diamond grabbing game where you control a cute little character who goes by the name of Yaj and it's up to you to help him negotiate each level in order to collect all of the diamonds on each before the timer reaches zero.

Of course, things are never that simple, as Yaj needs to watch where he digs otherwise he could find boulders falling on him from high.  If that wasn't enough he also has to contend with Monsters and Pulsators as per the previous two outings of the game, but things start to get really challenging in the third instalment as vertically scrolling levels are introduced for the first time.  Poor Yaj also has the following to deal with...

  • Up to 16 Transporters in a level
  • Up to 4 sets of Safes and Keys
  • Pressure Pads that destroy parts of a level
  • Blockades that appear from nowhere
  • Task Doors

There are some good things to collect as well though.  Such as a map so he can plan his route and bonus items for extra points or even lives.

As the game never quite made it to release, there are only 30 levels supplied and the instructions were never written.  However, much of Rockfall - The Return is based on Rockfall 3, so it shouldn't be too difficult to work out how to play it.

"What happened to Spud?" we can hear you shout.  Well, back in the day when Rockfall 3 was being conceived, we decided to try a different character for a change.  The main reason was to have a character that would float when not standing on any solid ground.  Yaj was a strange little fellow that produced helicoptor-like rotors when not standing on solid ground and just bounced when on something solid.  The excuse was that Spud was taking a little holiday while his friend took care of business.  As the PC Rockfall game proves, we decided to bring back the original character, who we're sure you'll agree, should never have left in the first place.

To enjoy this game, please select the download that is suited to your set up and/or emulator. 


Download and purchase links
  Download disk image in .ST format 269 KB Download
  Download files 254 KB Download

System requirements
  Operating system Atari ST TOS  
  Memory 512 KB (also a 1 MB version)  
  Other Joystick  

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